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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do find my order number ?
Your order number can be located in your order confirmation email ( sent as soon as the order was placed ) and in the shipment confirmation email if you have received on.

2.When can i expect my order to ship ?
Generally, orders placed before 1 pm local time Monday-Friday are shipped out in 1-2 day.We will always inform you by email if we are unable to ship your order for any reason.

3.When will my order arrive ?
Standard 7-9  Business Days.Playshion ships most packages via UPS and USPS within the US and we ship via DHL and Fedex internationally.

4.How do i track my order ?
To track your order or check order status, visit our Order Tracking page and enter your order number.
For each shipment that goes out we send an email with the shipment details and tracking information.

5.Why was my order shipped in nultiple packages ?
We ship from many stores locations, which means parts of your order can be coming from different places. We will send you an email confirmation for each shipment with details and tracking information.
We will always try to ship from the location closest to you, but sometimes the inventory is only available farther away. This may mean you get some packages in 3-4 days and some take longer ( depending on the shipping type).

6.My tracking information says my package was delivered, but i dont have it. What should i do ?
Its fairly common for a package delivered by the USPS to be marked delivered 1-2 business days before it actually arrives at its location. Also , remember to check with family members, neighbors, and apartment managers. If you still dont have your package, please contact our Customer Care at and we will be happy to help !

7.Can i make changes to or cancel my order ?
The fast answer is no, not really. Our shipping teams are so fast that they often have orders shipped in literal minutes. If you need to make a change to your order ( address, size, item, etc) or want to cancel it, please let us know immediately and we will do our best to catch it befor it goes out, but we can never guarantee the ability to make a change.
You can email  including:
Your order number
Details of the change, like new address or the items you want to change
TypeOrder Change or Order Cancel
” in the subject line.

How do i return an item ?
Please mail the item back to at the following address:

9.My order arrived damaged, what do i do ?
We are sorry to hear your order arrived damaged !We cant always control how our items are handled during the shipping process. Please email us at as soon as possible so we can help out !